More than 70 years later most men still haven't found the answer to this perplexing question...but we're here to help!

Here you will find some top secrets a girl may not tell you, but will definitely delight her when you take them to heart!

Here's the secrets she hasn't told you:


Most women are self conscious about their bodies and might be shy about a particular area. Rather than buying lingerie which might highlight her perceived "weak spot", consider what her best assets are and buy something that enhances that area.

TIP 1: If she's shy about her tummy, steer clear of form fitting items like bustiers.

TIP 2: If she has big boobs, she'll want some support, in which case underwired bras are the way to go.

TIP 3: If she tends to wear tight fitting clothing, she'll probably be thrilled with form fitting lingerie, like corsets or basques.

TIP 4: If she prefers looser fitting clothing, a camisole or luxury pyjamas and night robe might be more her style.


According to a 'Redoute' survey:

- 60% of women prefer boyshorts or French knickers to G-strings and find them much more comfortable.

- 25% of women still prefer thongs or G-strings.

- Interestingly, only 2% of men prefer lusty, crotchless-type underwear.

TIP 1: Take note of what knickers she wears now and stick with it!

TIP 2: Don't make the classic mistake of buying what you like, she won't necessarily like you for it!


Maybe she's a material girl but if your girl is like 80% of other girls, her lingerie collection could use some help. Eight out of ten women claim that half of their lingerie selection never leaves the underwear drawer. Which is understandable when a further 40% claim they have underwear over ten years old!

We all know how passionless the worn out greyed knickers are, so why not buy her sexy lingerie that is not only great in the bedroom but she can also feel great in during the day.

TIP 1: A bra and knicker set can be both luxurious and useful. For help on sizing see our guide called 'What Size is She?'

TIP 2: For something she can wear day and night, buy simple sets in luxury fabrics as a practical treat.

TIP 3: A lot of lingerie serves a dual purpose as both inner and outer wear. A cami and knicker set can be a classic to wear in the office, during a night out or while seducing you after hours.

Diamonds are for that once-in-a lifetime moment, but designer lingerie is for every day of your life together.

Surprise her with an inspired gift of lingerie; she'll want that ring, she'll suspect flowers and she'll expect chocolates... but she'll never guess this!

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