Entering into the world of women's lingerie can be both intoxicating and terrifying. Our goal here at Mio Destino is to make your lingerie selection process a pleasure by removing any fear you might have.

Our lingerie guides below have been created to clearly inform you on how to determine her size, her style and which type of lingerie might suit her best.

Lingerie Demystified

The world of lingerie can be both exciting and very confusing -chemisesG-strings, suspender belts and basques - what do they all mean? At Mio Destino we have created a very user-friendly lingerie glossary with illustrations and definitions for you. It will really help you sort out what's what in a girls closet! Take a look here.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Taking the steps to buying your girl lingerie is one to be congratulated, the sign of a truly modern man.

Buying great lingerie is not rocket science and it will send your stock value soaring with her. Just avoid making these 5 mistakes and you'll be the envy of all your mates.

Check out the 5 pitfalls here.

Secrets She Hasn't Told You

Wasn't it Freud whose dying words were "What do women want?"

70 years later most men still haven't found the answer to this perplexing question...but we're here to help!

 These tips are all the things a girl may not tell you, but will definitely delight her when you take them to heart!

 Find out what she hasn't told you here.

What Size is She?

Of course you know her size! Don't you? Well, it doesn't matter really. After all, how hard can it be?

Well, sorry lads but it can actually be a little tricky... not quite a science but certainly worse than the 'offside rule'.

However, all is not lost. A little cunning detective work can pay dividends... big time!

Find out what size she is here.

Still Unsure? Get in touch.

Still got your knickers in a twist about what to get her or what size she needs? Fret not, help is on the way! Find out how to get in touch with us here.

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