Five Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Lingerie

Taking the steps to buying your girl lingerie, corsets, swimwear, stockings, sleepwear or any other type of lingerie, is to be congratulated, the sign of a truly modern man.

The message you are sending to her is a strong one - you have gone above and beyond in search of the perfect gift. After all, that's what us girls really want - to know that you've actually put a little thought into your gift for her.

Buying great lingerie is not rocket science and it will send your stock value soaring with her. Just avoid making the 5 mistakes listed below and you'll be the envy of all your mates because you will know how to buy lingerie.

1. Deciding a good time to go shopping is after a few pints with the lads.

Although it might seem like the perfect thing to do at the time - you are feeling generous, you are feeling brave and hey, your mates have offered to come along and help out. DON'T!

The High Street boutiques will not have their welcome mats out for you and you might not be the model of discerning customer they are eager to serve. Chances are your buying decisions might be a little different from what your girlfriend might appreciate.

2. Asking the sales lady to try it on.

A big no-no! She might look like exactly the same size as your girl and seem really eager to help out, but you might quickly find out she doesn't share your sense of humour.

You might find you're the one wearing handcuffs!

3. Forgetting who you are buying for – not a porn star or America’s Next Supermodel.

If this is a first time lingerie purchase, you might want to play it safe and buy something you know she would like and be comfortable in.

There's nothing wrong with having fun with risqué lingerie but you might want to make that decision together.

There is a danger that she will interpret your racy selection as a reflection on her - or a secret fantasy of yours which she hasn't bought into.

Buyer beware!

4. Forgetting all about her personal style and taste.

If you've never seen her wear red, there might be a good reason why. Pick colours and styles that are similar to garments she already wears.

When in doubt, white and black are usually a safe bet. We can give you an overview of the most popular lingerie items and suggestions on body types they might suit.

Pay careful attention to fabrics. Silk, satin and sateen cottons are natural and are considered the premium luxury lingerie materials.

5. Guessing her size

Bra sizing can be tricky, but fear not, you have options. If you are feeling ambitious, either put on your detective hat and go looking at labels in her underwear drawer (be ready with a good excuse in case you get caught!) or ask someone who might know (mums, sisters, close friends might be able to slyly find out). As a back up, there are lots of other beautiful lingerie items, like camisoles, chemises, and fabulous nightwear, which will be easier to judge the size of (S M or L) and are sure to impress.

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