PrimaDonna believe that stunning and perfectly-fitting lingerie makes women feel confident and proud about their femininity. That’s why it is their mission to create fashionable lingerie that offers unsurpassed support and comfort to all women with a larger cup size.


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Creating beautiful, stylish lingerie with the perfect fit for women with a larger cup size. That is the mission of PrimaDonna. Stunning lingerie that fits like a glove gives your self-confidence a boost and leaves you feeling good about yourself and your femininity. Discover PrimaDonna and PrimaDonna Twist range

Primadonna "Madison"

Slip into a PrimaDonna Madison set and you’ll instantly know why this lingerie is so popular! The unique fit gives your fuller bosom the very best support and offers a heavenly fit.

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Primadonna "Deauville"

A summer fashion colour and high-gloss embroidery with fluorescent details give you a fashionable luxury look. The embroidery continues onto the shoulder straps.

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Primadonna "Sophora"

Sexy lingerie for larger cup sizes that also fits wonderfully? PrimaDonna Sophora proves it can be done. Light, sexy, edgy and with the excellent fit you've come to expect from PrimaDonna.

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Primadonna "Divine"

Sexy lace lingerie and smooth sets with an outstanding fit. The ideal choice for lovers of timeless class and a touch of mystery. Chic lace with floral print; it’s just about the perfect match in lingerie.

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PrimaDonna "Satin"

Satin is a prime example of a sleek and elegant look with an ultra-comfortable fit. For fans of lingerie that fits exactly right and that leaves your curves radiating with its pure simplicity.

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PrimaDonna "Couture"

If you are looking for an elegant lace look that is light and feminine yet offers support for larger cup sizes, then the Couture designs are perfect for you!

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PrimaDonna "Perle"

The minimalistic design of Perle is timeless and elegant while the fit is ultra-comfortable for a fuller cup size. The perfect lingerie to wear throughout the week or for special occasions.

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PrimaDonna "Figuras"

You’ve got the curves, we’ve got the lingerie to beautifully show off your curves. PrimaDonna Figuras is iconic lingerie that streamlines your gorgeous figure.

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PrimaDonna "Orlando"

Want lingerie with a modern look plus a super luxurious fit for your larger cup size? PrimaDonna Orlando offers you style and comfort in one. Pure elegance!

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PrimaDonna Twist "Epirus"

The lace motif of PrimaDonna Twist is reminiscent of the catwalks of Paris, London, and Milan in the 1970s. The delicate lace guarantees a seamless look under clothes, making it the perfect T-shirt bra. Sexy, trendy, and ideal under all outfits.

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PrimaDonna Twist "First Night"

Prefer an airy bralette or a bra with padded cups? All styles guarantee a comfortable fit and create a stunning silhouette. The straps on the padded bras can be worn straight over the shoulders or crossed at the back.

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PrimaDonna Twist "I Do"

With its sexy nineties look, oversized lace print, and soft satin fabric, PrimaDonna Twist I Do is rightfully one of our most popular lingerie icons. The retro lace gives your full cup the best support. This summer in a hot pink vintage colour.

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PrimaDonna Twist "I Want You"

Sheer fabrics, lace trim, and zips: The bondage look is hotter than hot! A black pattern on a nude foundation: how to look sexy!

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PrimaDonna Twist "East end"

The pure, minimalist designs of East End have the perfect fit and flatter all figures. A joy to wear and to see.

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