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How To Become More Body Confident

Body confidence is about loving your own body and feeling at home with it. No matter your shape or size, its about understanding that your appearance is simply not the most important feature of who you are, there is no such thing as a "perfect body". Here are 4 ways to help you become more body confident:

Write down positive things about your body

Make a list of all the positive things you like about your body, don't just write about how it looks, but also things that it allows you to do. Negative thoughts about our body's happens to all of us as we are naturally inclined to look for our imperfections and dissatisfactions and forget to look at the good things. Next time you have a negative thought about your body, counter it by looking at your list of positives. 

Avoid negative, absorb positive

Negativity messages about are body image is everywhere and can affect our thoughts and insecurities about our body. Social media has a massive impact on what an elite body should look like, but in reality none of it is realistic. Avoid consuming photoshopped images of models, body negative people in your life, and even body negative posts on social media. Instead, look for positive people who is about self-love and will courage people to be who you are.

Stop comparing yourself to others

It's so easy to compare yourself to others, everybody does it, but it can leave you feeling like you don't look the way you should. People come in all shapes and sizes including figure, chest size, muscles, or legs, everyone's body is unique. Its important to appreciate other people's bodies without wanting to change your own. You're not supposed to look like someone else, you're supposed to look like you. 

Think healthier, not skinnier

Don't eat healthy or exercise because you want to hit a certain number on the scales, it shouldn't be a punishment. Do it because you love your body and you know how much your body does for you. Eat nourishing meals and do exercises that you actually enjoy doing rather then what a workout tells you to do.

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