What is a girdle?

The girdle evolved from the corset a hundred years ago. The evolving girdle covered the waist, stomach and hips giving great control and support. Much more comfortable than the traditional boned corset the girdle is a close-fitting foundation garment that covers the lower torso, extending below the hips and worn often to shape or for support.

Are girdles old-fashioned?

No, they are not! They have a long history dating back 100 years. Their popularity has surged and waned over the years but girdles still remain very popular because many girdle styles look incredibly elegant and sexy. They also give great figure control and a beautiful shape to women’s bodies.

Why do women still wear girdles?

Girdles are worn by women because they are very effective at giving a woman support and a great shape in clothes or in their underwear. Bum and tummy control is superb. With the rise in interest in the vintage, retro fashion scene, girdles have seen a phenomenal resurgence as they have become associated with the heady glamour of the 1950s and 1960s. Many women regularly wear body shapers and girdles out of preference.

What is the difference between a girdle and a corset?

The girdle normally sits on or just above the hips up to the mid-tummy and extends down to the mid-bum or the full bottom. It gives good tummy control and a great shape to the rear. The corset tends to be longer and stiffer. It can reach from the bosom to the waist or ever further below and is more restrictive normally than the girdle. The corset is often used as outerwear also.

What is a suspender girdle?

A suspender girdle is a girdle with suspenders attached for use with stockings. They are practical, give great tummy and bum control and look very sexy.

What is a panty girdle or a girdle brief?

The terms panty girdle or a girdle brief describe a gently shaping women’s underwear shapewear garment which gives a good level of control, but which melds the qualities of a girdle and a brief. It is very comfortable and gives a fair level of support.

Panty girdles and girdle briefs frequently use front reinforced panels with mesh linings which give a secure feel and smoothing effect to the tummy.  Many shapewear briefs have a cotton-lined crotch, are sheer and use lace.

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