What Are the Style Differences in Women’s Underwear?

There are many differing styles of women’s panties or knickers as the British often call women’s underwear. This guide will hopefully help you to better understand the various styles. The different names relate to forms of panty which have a particular cut and skin coverage, and which is designed to give a certain style, control or look for a woman. Some panty styles showcase a woman’s natural assets, enhance them, make them more alluring or in the case of control briefs, shape them.

The definitions below should help de-mystify the world of women’s underwear:

Bikini Briefs Mio Destino Womens Bikin Brief

Bikini brief

The bikini brief has average skin coverage. The waistband sits below the navel, and it has a moderate high-cut leg.

Boxer Shorts Mio Destino Womens Boxer Shorts

Boxer short

Women’s Boxer shorts, shorty, shortie, short and short knickers refer to the female form of the men’s boxer short. A pantie which is close fitting or sometimes looser, but which has a rectangular look as it cuts across the mid-body. A very popular and comfortable style of women’s underwear.

Boyshorts Underwear Mio Destino Womens Boyshort


Like the Boxer short but often closer fitting and slightly higher on the leg with what some might argue is a more feminine styling, yet still with good skin cover.

Brazilian Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Brazilian Knicker

Brazilian knickers

These knickers often have full coverage in the front of the brief, looking quite classic, but they will show the lower portion of the cheek or even much of the cheek at the back. Very sexy and very cheeky. Great for comfort, for everyday wear and for a very feminine look.

Full Briefs Underwear Mio Destino Womens Full Brief

Full briefs

This is the standard style that most women prefer for everyday use. Pretty and practical with good rear and front coverage and sufficient material on the hips.

Control Brief Underwear Mio Destino Control Brief

Control briefs

A form of brief with very good coverage and elements of shapewear to enhance a woman’s figure.

French Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens French Knicker

French knickers

These panties are often looser fitting and very feminine. Many brands will use lace and silks and they do not tend to be sheer. Extremely comfortable.

G-String Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens G-String Knicker


One of the most iconic underwear styles and well known to many. As the name suggests it gives very little skin cover with string material on the hips and back. If you do not want your panty line to show, then this underwear is perfect for you.

High-waisted Briefs Underwear Mio Destino Womens High-waisted brief

High-waisted briefs

These knickers give the most coverage. They sit higher on the hips and give great coverage at the back. The High-waist briefs give some control for the tummy. Great for shape and to eliminate VPL.

Hipster Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens Hipster Knicker


The women’s Hipster pantie is a cross between a boyshort or boy-short and a bikini panty. It is a low-rise style which tends to sit a few inches below the belly button. Many styles use lace and are sheer. This is a popular type of women’s underwear as the style is very feminine and flattering whilst still giving good coverage.

Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens Knicker


A term which is often used in the UK as a generic word for panties.

Pants Underwear Mio Destino Womens Pant

Pant, Panties or panty

A term which is often used as a generic word to cover most forms of basic women’s underwear.

Tanga Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens Tangas


The tanga has moderate coverage on the back though it is narrower than the bikini style panty.

Thong Knickers Underwear Mio Destino Womens Thongs


A good panty to hide a panty line under clothes. The thong has a triangle front with relatively narrow width on the sides, and almost no cover on the back.

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