Tips for Shopping on a Budget

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Here are 7 strategies to shop online whilst on a budget

Learn how to bring home clothes you'll actually wear with these budget shopping tips.

1. Avoid clothes that require dry cleaning

Keep away from clothes that need to be dry cleaned, they can only be sent to the dry cleaner to be washed. Not only does this cost you extra money, but also uses time out of your day. 

There might be ways to dry clean your clothes from home but will require purchasing additional products and is also very time consuming.

2. Use discount codes

Most clothing websites will tend to offer discounts frequently throughout the year, check the homepage or banners to find if they are offering any discounts or free delivery. Make sure to follow Mio Destino social & sign up to the newsletter for exclusive offers and discounts.

3. Incorporate the 5% income rule

The 5% income rule is when you spend around 5% of your monthly income on clothes, shoes and accessories. This may differ per person and priorities but a simple budget spreadsheet can help you find out how much you can allocate.

4. Shop out of season sales and know your budget

Only shop out-of-season sales. This means shopping for summer clothes such as swimwear during end-of-summer sales, winter clothes such as pyjamas during end-of-winter sales, etc. Make sure you spend your money on items that you will still love for years to come. 

5. Spend on quality

While usually quality clothes are more expensive, they are worth the investment. They not only last longer, you'll get more use out of them, you'll be more comfortable and be less likely to impulse buy. which in return can save you money.

6. Don't fall for sales

Sales can be a beneficial to budget shoppers but they can also be a trap to a lot of people. Seeing a bra that was initially £150 but now £25 feels too good of a deal to pass up. It's a tactic that focuses your attention on how much you're saving rather than how much you're spending. Instead, focus on buying clothes that you love and would look great on you.

7. Free delivery and returns

Make sure the website you are purchasing from is offering free delivery. Although £3.95 for delivery doesn't sound much, paying that fee each time you place an order can add up over the course of the year(s).

Check the returns policy before you order, the extra money spend on shipping returns can make a difference. There's nothing worse then ordering lingerie and finding out that it doesn't fit and now you have to pay shipping to return the item. You can get free delivery and 30 day returns at

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