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What you need to know when buying a Sports Bra

Getting the right sports bra is critical to prevent your bust from reshaping.  Womens' breast shape changes with the passage of time, but let’s not speed up the process.

There are many elements to consider when selecting the right sports bra for you.  

Here’s our recommendations:

    1. Select the level of support to match your activity intensity level. Any exercise or activity should be done whilst wearing a sports bra.  Attending a Pilates and running a marathon require mean very different levels of support. 
    2. If you have large breasts, always select extra high impact. Due to their volume, larger breasts move about more and therefore they need extra firm support.
    3. Consider a cross back sports bra style for added support.
    4. Give special consideration to breathable fabrics so that your breasts are not impacted from moisture that can collect during physical activity.
    5. Remember that activity leads to perspiration and it is important to wash your sports bra frequently. Hand wash when you can.  Frequent use and washing does mean that sports bras do need to be replaced at least once a year.
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