How To Feel Confident In Your Clothes

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4 Ways To Start Dressing With Confidence

It's important you feel comfortable and confident in your clothing. We all have days where we look in our wardrobe and feel that nothing looks good on us. Confidence doesn't come with buying expensive clothing or the look you give off. Real confidence is acknowledging who you are and dressing to your personal quirks. Follow these tips below to start dressing with confidence.

Be confident with your body

Knowing your body shape is a key factor to dressing with confidence. Dress in ways that will make your unique shape look flattering, Whether you're tall or short, hourglass or pear shaped, dressing for your shape makes all the difference on making you feel more confident whilst strutting your stuff.

Wear clothes that make you feel good

Dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable is a major factor. If an item of clothing is feeling tight or oversized you will start blaming your body which will have an opposite effect on boosting your confidence. Consider how comfortable you are in your outfit and how it affects your mood, if you don't feel happy in the outfit you wont feel confident.

Find colours that you love and suit you

The hardest part is finding and knowing what colours look best with your complexion and hair colour. Find inspiration on Pinterest and find what colours could work for you, don't copy others exactly or pretend to be someone you're not. Be honest with yourself don't let a world of grey stop you from showing your true colours.

Wear sexy underwear

Your underwear is just for you, and nobody has to know what you’re wearing. Underwear makes you feel sexy, lucky, or comfortable and protected. 

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