Guide to buying and wearing shapewear

Here at Mio Destino we have put together the ultimate guide in shapewear. Our guide will answer all your questions around what to wear, what not to wear, when to wear and why you should wear.

Why should I wear shapewear?

Shapewear is a great way of providing compression which acts to create a smooth, streamlined and seam-free silhouette under your clothes. There are multiple benefits to wearing shapewear such as preventing humpback, bosom flat, bosom prolapse, pail waist, flat hip, appetite prominent, turnip leg, and bulky leg. The biggest benefit of all is that it will boost your self confidence, feeling happy with your appearance is a major factor in improving your confidence.

How do I find my shapewear size?

People believe that sizing down from your regular dress size in shapewear will make you look slimmer or somehow give you better contouring, this is false! In fact, it can have the opposite effect as you'll find yourself squeezed in making you very uncomfortable and leaving you with a bumpy finish.

To get the perfect fitting shapewear you should measure your bust, waist and hip to get a measurement so that you can compare to the shapewear size guide to ensure the best fit.

When can I wear shapewear?

You can wear shapewear every day, just make sure you are comfortable especially if you are at work. There's nothing worse then being uncomfortable for 8+ hours straight and the fear of going to the bathroom because your shapewear is difficult to remove. If your looking for an everyday shapewear we would recommend a lightweight control shapewear as it will be more breathable and will make your clothes sit in a more streamlined way.

What colour should I pick?

Colour is normally affected on what your planning to wear the shapewear with and where you will be wearing it at. If your wardrobe is mainly lighter shades, then a nude or a light shade shapewear would work the best. If you're having a date-night, then black or a more vibrant colour shapewear would be the more exciting choices.

Should I wear underwear under my shapewear?

Underwear is not needed, shapewear acts to create a smooth, streamlined and seam-free silhouette under your clothes. Wearing underwear underneath will cause the opposite effect. 

Many types of shapewear including briefs, thongs, shorts, thigh, and bodysuits include a gusset in their design and support you fully without the need for an extra layer.

Can I wear shapewear whilst pregnant?

Yes, you can wear shapewear whilst pregnant but will depend on the type of shapewear, when you wear it, and for how long. If you have tight shapewear and looking to wear it for long periods of time, we would highly recommend not to wear it when pregnant. This would put too much pressure on the body and would be incredibly uncomfortable. Avoid shapewear that squeezes and compresses such as cinchers, instead shop for your correct size and look for maternity specific shapewear.

How can I prevent undergarment lines?

For a perfect smooth shapewear finish, follow these tips:

  • Wear high-quality shapewear, the best garments are made from premium materials which do a far better job enhancing your figure.
  • Look for seamless shapewear and undergarments, the hem tends to be thin and flat making it hardly noticeable beneath clothing.
  • Choose a thicker material for your outfit as this helps conceal lines and will make your silhouette look flawless.
  • Consider tights or pantyhose if the weather is suitable, they will smooth out any panty lines that are showing.
  • Thicker bra band that is also seamless will help if you struggle with bra bulge.

Hopefully this guide has made you feel a little more confident with your shapewear purchase. We've found you the best shapewear bodysuits, shaping briefs, slips and waist cinchers for you to wear. Shop Now

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