Bonfire Night Lingerie

We have some beautiful lingerie in red lace perfect for Bonfire evening from Sans Complexe!

Happy Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night! If you dont know what Bonfire night is, it is a celebration in the UK, to mark the anniversary of the discovery of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Luckily, the plot was never carried out, but we celebrate with bonfires and fireworks (Ironic I know).

How to celebrate this bonfire night?

  1. Get some Sparklers and light them in your garden, try writing your name and capture it on camera.
  2. Have a fire pit in your garden! If you arent able to light the fire inside and roast marshmellows.
  3. Dress up cosy and warm with your hats and gloves and star gaze out on the lawn.
  4. Make yourself a hot cup of Hot Chocolate and put some fireworks on the TV.
  5. If you can get your own fireworks and light them in the garden, but remember to be safe!

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