5 Tips To Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

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Struggling to keep your new years resolutions?

Many of us will abandon our resolve and will settle back into their old patterns before the end of January. Part of the problem is that we don't know how to keep our new years resolutions. So, what can you do to improve on this and make you more likely to keep your resolutions? Follow our tips below to help you beat the odds.

Focus on one goal

    While you may have written a long list of resolutions you want to start this year, it's best to put your focus and energy on one resolution, this will help make it much more achievable. Having multiple resolutions will make it very difficult for you to accomplish any goal, your energy and effort would be spread to thin ending up with multiple setbacks. Establishing new behavioural patterns takes time and sustained effort.

    Make your resolutions more realistic

      Instead of selecting such an ambiguous goal such as "lose weight", "be more productive" or "get in shape", focus on making your goals more realistic. For example, "losing 10 pounds", "running a half-marathon", "make daily to-do-lists". Make sure it is very specific and achievable over the course of the year. 

      Find what motivates you

      Find ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals. If you have set yourself a target to lose 10 pounds for example, buy yourself some new lightweight and breathable activewear such as sports bras or sports leggings as this will remind yourself exactly why you are doing this and inspire you to keep going when times get tough.

      Start with small steps

      Focus on taking smaller steps towards your goal, rather then taking on too much too quickly. Create a detailed plan you can easily follow day by day or week by week showing how you are going to achieve that goal as well as any obstacles that may happen along the way. 

      Keep pushing forward

      By March most people will have lost motivation to continue with their resolutions. One of the most common reasons for this is setbacks, people view these as failures and think its the end of the road. There will always be challenges along the way with any goal, its about getting back up and pushing  through the setbacks.

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